City of Hyrum

ABOUT HYRUM UTAH                          

Date of settlement April 6, 1860
Date of incorporation February 10, 1870
Population-2000 census figures 6,300
Form of government Traditional
Area 3 Square miles
Elevation 4,750

Miles of streets 27 Fire protection:
     Number of stations 1
     Number of firemen and officers 28 Volunteers
     First responders: 16
     Police protection Contract with Cache County Schools:
Lincoln Elementary
     Number of classrooms 28
     Number of teachers 30
     Number of students 523
South Cache Freshman Center
     Number of classrooms 47
     Number of teachers 41
     Number of students 977
Mountain Crest High School
     Number of classrooms 60
     Number of teachers 59
     Number of students 1,378Municipal water department:
     Number of connections 1,950
     Annual consumption in gallons 880,548,000
     Miles of water mains 62
     Wells 3
     Springs 4
     Storage capacity: 3 Reservoirs 3,265,000 GallonsMunicipal sewer department:
     Number of connections 1,853
     Miles of sewer lines 43
     Treatment plants 1 Mechanical

Municipal electric department:
     Number of connections 2,117
     Annual consumption in kilowatt hrs 65,080,739
     Miles of distribution lines 73
     Power sources: Hyrum City Hydroelectric Plant
                              San Juan Plant
                              Idaho Project
                              Colorado River Storage Project
                              Intermountain Power Project
                              Hunter II Power PlantMunicipal irrigation department:
     Number of connections 1,580
     Annual consumption in gallons 709,413,861
     Miles of distribution lines 29Water Sources:
     Wells 1
     Water shares 2,485
     Solid waste and disposal department Contract with Cache CountyPublic buildings:
     Civic Center/Library/Museum
     Elite Hall
     Senior Citizen Center
     Canyon Lodge

Public parks:
     East Park
     Pride Park
     City Square
     Soccer Fields
     CCC Camp
     Left Hand Property
     Canyon Park
     AJ's Park